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Career Identity Sessions


  I need some career ideas

Who Am I? What are my talents and skills?  What do I value in a career?  What's my view of work and life? What are some possible careers that match with me? 

If you feel stuck and are questioning if you are on the right career path this program is for you.  If you are just starting out and needing some career ideas and direction this is for you too!  You will discover, reflect, and look at different career options that will be uncovered through coaching sessions.  You are unique and you will discover a pathway that is right for you.

Includes: coaching sessions to support your career exploration including a  personal and comprehensive abilities assessment that is the gold standard in the industry

Job Search Sessions


I need a new job


How do I market myself?  Is my resume good? Which companies are hiring someone with my skills?  How do I network? Who can I ask for help?

Are you unexpectedly looking for a job because of someone else's decision? Are you ready for a job change but not sure how to make your next move?  Job searching is one of the hardest things we have to do in our working lives.  This program will help you gain the confidence and prepare with the right tools to get results. 

Includes:  coaching sessions including a professional resume and cover letter that you will learn the art of customizing as you apply for jobs.  The program will assist in developing your personal brand, gaining confidence, preparing for interviews, expanding your network and maximizing your Linkedin account.

Identity and Job Search


I want to transition into a new career path

Can I change my career direction?  What career options are there that fit with me?  How can I make that transition? How do I market myself with my resume? How do I prepare for an interview?

This program is designed to help you generate some career ideas and options that fit you; guide you to where you could do this work; and make a plan of how to make the transition to actually do it.  

Includes:  coaching sessions including a personal and comprehensive abilities assessment, career exploration and planning,   a professional resume and cover letter,  tips and strategies to use LinkedIn, network, and prepare for interviews. Gain the confidence and support you need from start to finish.

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