Transitions by Design

Transitions by Design

Transitions by DesignTransitions by DesignTransitions by Design

Career Coaching


Work Life. Reimagined

Living a life with greater satisfaction in our careers is something that is achievable.  Often my clients just need some information, tools, and support to acknowledge and identify their strengths and skills to move forward with clarity and confidence to their next career transition.

The question should never be

 "what am I going to be 

when I grow up?"

The question should be

 "what am I going to 

grow into next!" 

Career Coaching sessions that are 

confidential and can be customized 

to meet your individual needs.  


My Coaching Story

My name is Lynda Peto and I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

I have supported hundreds of clients locally in Winnipeg and across Canada for over 15 years to reach their career and employment goals.   

My clients  range from young people deciding on career paths and starting to build their career, to more mature clients in their mid-career or exploring their “encore career”.  Sessions are designed to help clients learn more about themselves through reflection and assessments, learn the art of marketing themselves and recognizing their skill sets.  The opportunity to gain a sense of agency in the process of career building is the key to my client's success.  My passion for my work is driven by the positive outcomes that my client's have achieved with guided support and direction.

Designing Your Life

 "It is impossible to predict the future, 

but once you design something, 

it changes the future that is possible." 

Bill Burnett and Dave Evans