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Happy Clients

 "Lynda helped me navigate through a challenging time in my career. After working for two decades in the same organization with little growth opportunities, 

she helped me to recognize my transferable skills and how they could help me find 

a new challenge – one more in line with my values and goals. I gained confidence in my abilities and learned the best way to make connections and get noticed.

 I appreciate her professional, yet personal, approach to coaching." 

Tracey B - Peterborough, Ont


 "As a young student just about to graduate university, job hunting can be a daunting task. Working with Lynda, however, provided me with the professional skills and confidence to apply for more jobs and get callbacks from a vast majority of them. 

Her knowledge of what information employers are looking for, her valuable industry connections, and her ability to balance her clients wants and needs make her the only career coach I will ever trust with my professional aspirations. 

She has continued to help me even after university and is always willing 

to provide her expertise and always displays a true passion for her work."

Mack H - Winnipeg

"Lynda is an expert in the most current method of resume writing, cover letters and interview skills.  After some in-depth discussion and direction, I realized how out of date the methodology I was using had become. Lynda gave me the confidence to create a modern overall portfolio that I was  proud to share.  I would 100% recommend her to others!"

Kelly K - Winnipeg

"Having Lynda as my career coach was a great experience. Lynda took the time to understand my professional background,  my career aspirations and really helped me position these skills and experiences appropriately.   

Lynda was kind, patient and professional. 

I would highly recommend her as a career coach."

Graham  M– Winnipeg


"Lynda is very knowledgeable about the labour market and employer demands. With her expert guidance I was able to create an organized and sleek resume 

which clearly highlighted my skills."

Gayle M- Winnipeg


“Within one month of working with Lynda on my resume, I landed a job. Today (over a year later), I continue to develop career opportunities by applying her 'networking’ tips, only it doesn’t feel like networking!  Lynda has transformed how I approach 

my career and her enthusiasm is contagious!” 

Libby J- Winnipeg

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